Fire place Cladding

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Im going to bitch for a second. It's never gotten to me until I started working at a place that no one carries a TAPE. I believe If you work in a field that requires you to use a TAPE MEASURE to finish you job duties through out the work day than carry it on you. Nothing is more annoying than hearing have you seen my TAPE or can I useYour TAPE real quick while I'm trying to finish my work. If a framer is on a job site he is worthless without a TAPE its the same for a FABRICATOR. Even if it's a small one on your hip either keep one on you our know where yours is I posted two pics just so those of you that forgot what it looks like and also one that shows the belt hook. Sorry for the long bitch session but it makes no sense to me how it can be an everyday occurrence. Rob

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stainless steel grab rail

Another stainless project nothing better than TIG WELDING there's just something about it that's so calming. I know it's just a rail and rail is one of the most boring thing to make but TIG welding it and it being a BRUSHED STAINLESS made it a fun project just me my HOOD and a TIG TORCH. Well enough said about this little project.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pit Box

This Pit box my Brother and I built at Trimmer Manufacturing one of the baddest tool box manufactures out there. The box was built for Action Motorsports. They used it as a retail cart at the AVN Award show held in Las Vegas we actually did all the fabrication on it in one night. Check out for your tool storage needs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Custom artistic gate

Gate I made for a good friend of mine in Las Vegas I made it out 3'' round tubing for the frame and 1/2" rebar with the designs and a turn buckle witch keeps the gate from sagging over time turned out cool we put the perf on the back side for privacy. 

Custom hand forged wine rack

My brother and I built this wine rack for a buddy of ours. He came to us and said I just want a wine rack you know what your doing just do something that will match my house. Everything on this was hand made with torch and a hammer.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Barn Doors all Finished

Barn Doors after the Glass and Wood was installed turned out sweet.

Custom Sheet Metal Chase Lounge

I made this custom sheet metal chase lounge for a buddy of mine PJ who owns Lt Eventions in Las Vegas NV . He had a sketch he drew up and told me to see what I can come up with. He wanted something no one else has. I didnt have a slip roll so I actually shaped all the contoured areas with an english wheel and the feet actually only sit on the very tip and those were made out of four pcs all tig welded together. Another fun project

Also my brother and I made these center pcs for a big banquet. There is a vase holder out of rebar and another out of sheet metal and round bar. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kenworth Oil Tank

This is a oil tank I made for a Kenworth big rig. I made it so it sets inside the frame rails. I actually made it out of some old stair treads we had lying around in the shop. I Tig welded all the seems and bungs and Mig welded the top pinch brackets.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Iron Worker Eating lunch

This is my all time favorite picture of the Iron workers taking lunch on the New Yorks Rockefeller Center in 1932

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Complaint Pains: mountain video

Complaint Pains: mountain video Check out my brothers video also go to and at the bottom right hand corner it will say ''how do you mountain?'' click on that and then on the next page click on ''your mountain'' at the top and then vote on his video. Thanks

Water chiller

This was a fun Stainless steel project. It looks like a bomb but it's actually a water chiller it has copper pipe inside. Now it just needs to be pressure tested and it's done.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decorative Rail

This was actually a pretty fun job it took a while to build do to stair layout and all the arched areas of the house. I was very happy with the turn out. I built everything in the shop then took everything on site and fit the rail with posts. The posts are cast iron. I'll post more pics of the rest of the house.

Barn Doors

Hear are some doors I built for a barn up East Canyon hear in Utah. They turned out good there getting glass in the top and wood panels that are an 1-1/2" thick in the bottom these are some big doors as you can see my co worker Ian standing next to them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Metal Working

Metal Working Sink or Swim
This book is by far the best metal working book I've read. Its good for those guys wanting to learn the trade and for the most experienced it was written by Tom lipton a 40 year veteran of the trade he covers everything from welding, machining and sheet metal.

Industrial Press 9780831133627 Metalworking Sink/Swim Mach/Mfg Reference Manual

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This one is for every employer

Employees are like tools treat them good and take care of them and they will last for ever... "Quote By Rob Rashidi"

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hand Made Cross

A guy asked me a couple years ago to make him a crucifix and not only that he wanted it 5' tall and look like old wood with blood around the stakes and barb wire around the top. So hear ya go this is how it turned out. I made it out out 18ga Sheet metal put wood grain in it with a hard disc and patina'd it with black and rust colored patinas.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Baddest sissy bar this side of the mississippi

I Built this sissy bar for a buddy of mine in Las Vegas. He had me stop by his house on one of my trips to Vegas and asked me to come up with something rad not what everyone else cruises so hear ya go. I need pics of it on the bike he had gotten it chromed looks sick if i don't say so my self lol. Hope You like it Jared

Friday, September 10, 2010

Very good article I found on

Creating and object from a piece of metal is truly an amazing process. When looking at sculptures and metal structures one may take for granted the time, effort, and ingenuity that were required to form and create the object being admired. In fact, forming and shaping metal is challenging. Many people have devoted lifetimes to careers that focus their lives on the bending and shaping of metal.

The study of metal really is a science known as metallurgy. More specifically, the term metallurgy refers to the science responsible for studying the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements. Metallurgy is commonly used in the craft of metalworking. Metalworking, therefore, refers to the trade and practice of creating things, structures, etc. out of metal. Metalworking can be an art, hobby, industry or trade. Professionals such as blacksmiths and silversmiths have studied the trade of metalworking. Others such as jewelry makers and artists utilize metal to portray emotional states in society or to simply make the world a more beautiful place.

It is unclear when humans first began using metal for daily use, but the importance of forming and shaping metal is recorded in history. Historians believe that the first metal used was gold. Gold is a unique metal because it exists in the environment in its natural state. In other words, heat is not required to extract the metal from the ore when using gold. Gold can simply be melted down in its natural state and formed. Sooner or later, early civilizations began to use copper to make tools, weapons and jewelry. It was not long before it was discovered that tin can be added to copper to make bronze. Thus, the Bronze Age was born. The naming of historical eras after the metals that were the most influential supports the idea that metal is of vital importance to civilizations. Eventually, the extraction of iron from ore was discovered and the world moved from the Bronze to the Iron Age. Iron continues to be a widely used metal today.Being that metal has historically been so important that periods of time were named after the most popular metal of the day; it only stands to show how important metalworkers have been throughout time. Today, many of the structures and objects that people use everyday would not exist without metallurgy and the metalworkers who study the science of metals.Many techniques are currently used to bend and shape metal. Nowhere is technique more important for working with metal than in the area of industry. Industrial needs require metal to be formed in various shapes in order to provide the consumer with things like automobiles, household tools and appliances, and machines. Several metal forming machines and equipment have developed over the years for industrial purposes. A roll former is one example of a tool used to shape metal for industrial purposes. Roll forming is a technique where metal is shaped by several different stands. Each stand, or set of rolls, bends the metal slightly until the metal is formed to a specific requirement. Roll forming machines can be built to form metal into a variety of shapes and several tools including roll form taps can be applied to shape metal to a specification.

Metallurgy continues to be an indispensable science that can be attributed with advances in metal forming. The importance of developing and using metal forming techniques and equipment such as a roll former and roll form taps aide metal workers with providing the public with the metal desired in and efficient and timely manner.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soothe the Soul

Theres nothing like a good project to soothe the soul. When your a builder, Artist, fabricator, Photographer, Film maker it doesn't matter, if you love what you are doing theirs something about it that just soothes the soul. Everything else is gone just you and the project you are working on and your artistic mind is just flowing with great ideas and it feels so good and so right.

Friday, July 23, 2010

74 Dodge Dart

This was another fun project i did for skipp the owner of Adobe Electric in Las Vegas NV, He wanted this car set up for drag racing. So I had to plug almost every hole in the car from the fire wall to the truck even the gas cap. I replace the floor board from the start of the fire to the back with an old floor board out of another dodge dart and then the where your feet are he had new pieces I welded in. I put some new down tubes on the role cage and also some down tubes off the role cage to the trunk witch held the fuel cell and fuel pump I also welded on some bungs that he could bolt down some weights in the trunk. This was an awesome project and turned out sweet.