Fire place Cladding

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Im going to bitch for a second. It's never gotten to me until I started working at a place that no one carries a TAPE. I believe If you work in a field that requires you to use a TAPE MEASURE to finish you job duties through out the work day than carry it on you. Nothing is more annoying than hearing have you seen my TAPE or can I useYour TAPE real quick while I'm trying to finish my work. If a framer is on a job site he is worthless without a TAPE its the same for a FABRICATOR. Even if it's a small one on your hip either keep one on you our know where yours is I posted two pics just so those of you that forgot what it looks like and also one that shows the belt hook. Sorry for the long bitch session but it makes no sense to me how it can be an everyday occurrence. Rob

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